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“Our Mission is to inspire and encourage learners.
To provide success driven individuals with a tool to
discover the information they need to
improve their personal and corporate performance.”


“The Gauge data engine will become the most utilized tool to build networks of resources for industries and provide the inspiration to share ideas to grow innovative enterprises.”


To be clear Gauge is a service business. That business is driven by a number of clear and concise statements that every member of the Gauge team believes and strives to deliver.

COMPASSION: The primary driver behind all Gauge Gamification activities. The Gauge team’s definition of compassion is: always demonstrating kindness, caring, and fair consideration.

We believe that without an understanding of others and willingness to help our others our values would be meaningless.

We know that compassion is a very positive emotion that has to do with being thoughtful and decent.

RESPONSIVENESS: when an opportunity to learn is identified; a Gauge participant is delivered a short but credible starting point to improving their knowledge or capabilities.

ASSURANCE: Gauge participants will always be delivered information that has been verified and provided by credible sources.

TANGIBLES: all data provided to users and participants will be based on performance-based outcomes and will only be provided to Gauge game participants.

EMPATHY: Gauge team will constantly strive to deliver services that are targeted at improving our clients well being.

RELIABILITY: Ability to perform the promised service dependably and accurately and that our data will only be shared when released by Gauge game participants.


Colleen Simmons, Founder
C. Dir

A proven entrepreneur specializing in alternative energy and sustainability. Since selling her last venture, Colleen has been an integral part of the commercialization of several new biotechnologies. Education has been at the forefront of Colleen’s interest, with developing alternative youth education programs. One of her strongest passions is to work with youth to gain a focus and mentor them through their development. Most recently she obtained her Gamification Certificate through the University of Pennsylvania using the online training provider Coursera.

Linda Blakney, Founder
M.B.A., M.A, (Psychology)

Understands the demands of business and creates teams that can deliver corporate aspirations. Her background includes ten years of corporate development and ten years as an entrepreneur and business career mentor. As Gauge gains increased user data, she will spearhead the implementation of personality assessment tools that will become a revenue source for the company.

Dave Levac
B.A., B.Ed., M. Sc. ED.

Having completed his career in politics as the longest serving Speaker in Ontario history is now turning his experience as a School Principal, Chief Government Whip & Chair of the Board of Internal Economy to leading the Gauge team. Dave will keep the team focused. He has a passion for learning and economic improvement. Gauge is excited that the vision and values Dave holds, perfectly matches Gauge’s.

Ross Blaine

With a background in Anthropology and Management Training Techniques. Ross developed the original game. Over his business career, he has mentored numerous executives and used the Gauge format as one of his many learning and development tools. Ross has successfully launched over thirty products or services for both Fortune 100 clients and entrepreneurs.