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Gamification Inc.

How do you know what you don't know?

Explore self-directed learning with a fun and motivating gamification system that links resources and rewards.

When we think back to our most effective mentors, they have done one thing very effectively. They have asked us questions that have stimulated our critical thinking, and when we needed more information, the mentor would provide access to those resources.

With Gauge, you now have a system that will help you – as a mentor would – to discover what you don’t know and explore the ideas and information that are critical for growth and success. Gauge’s “More Information” feature accomplishes this with just one click.

Gauge enables individuals and organizations to develop their knowledge base and determine their areas of potential growth and development using an interactive format that encourages learning and rewards accomplishments. The Gauge Question, Answer and “More Information” process delivers perspectives to stimulate critical thinking, which is an essential ingredient in mentorship and learning.

Often in focus groups, common phrases used by participants are:
Wish I would have known that when…
That’s a great idea we can use it…
I will not forget that in the future.

Gauge gameplay provides users with the resources to grow and allows for self-directed learning into areas of interest by diving into the catalogue of resources. Using the More Information feature participants will be able to access credible articles, video and other media sources that address the roots and reasons of the questions.

Gauge is a customizable tool that can be tailored to fit industry-specific and organizational needs. Applications include education, retail product knowledge, safety, governance, niche markets and training and development. The Gauge gamification process for personal and corporate growth is unique, tailor-made for specific learning objectives and cultural development programs.